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PresenningEksperten In The News

TarpaulinEksperten In The News ... or should we say in the News!

We received a very good review in Det Norske Bransjemagasinet. 
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Strong, light and affordable
- this is the tarpaulin that surpasses everything!

Forget everything you know about tarpaulins. The revolutionary tarpaulin from, weighs little and can withstand a lot. - It is a product that will last for many, many years.

Owner and founder of Presenning Eksperten, Alt Marcussen, was born and raised in Larvik, but has lived in the USA for over 30 years. After schooling and education "over there", he started several companies which he still runs in parallel with the Tarpaulin Expert. He and his wife Gillian, decided one day to move back to Norway, and here Alf wanted to work with a boat and maintenance.

- I have always had a boat, and have competed in sailing since I was six years old, says Alf.

Here he quickly made contacts and acquaintances within the boating community, and one day received a very specific request from a friend (Trygve Bøe: Albert Bøe Isenkram) who had become acquainted with a very durable tarpaulin from abroad. The tarpaulin had been out for eight years, and was still just as nice.

- He said: Alf, you can not find those tarpaulins, but I do not know where I can get them!

The detective work could begin. Alf researched a bit and actually found the manufacturer and talked to them. After a short time, he became the sole distributor for the durable tarpaulins.

- If you get a hole in the tarpaulin, it stops and does not get bigger. With Chinese tarpaulins, as I call it, you get a rip in it, then the whole thing smokes, says Alf, and adds that boat owners who have boats worth several million are looking for top quality tarpaulins.

The tarpaulins have a fantastic quality, and are welded with ultrasound and Swiss patent. It also means that the lower the temperatures to which it is exposed, the stronger the tarpaulin will be. Alf knows this from experience, because he has put a tarpaulin in the freezer and subjected it to stress without anything happening.

- We actually sold one to Svalbard the other day! I'm very interested in talking to him after he's had it for a while, and see if it lasts for 50 minus, Alf laughs heartily.

He has chosen to carry a tarpaulin in the thickness of 300 GSM, which he believes provides the ultimate resilience. The tarpaulin also lets in a lot of light, which is a great advantage if you want to work with the boat before you are ready to remove the entire tarpaulin in the spring.

- One of the biggest problems I had as a boat owner was getting the tarpaulin over the boat. It's heavy as hell, and I've had to have two men with me!

- My arguments with this tarpaulin are that it is strong, light and affordable. It is half as cheap as the competitors' tarpaulins, and lasts much longer, Alf claims.

The tarpaulins are sold both online and through selected dealers. If you shop at the online store of, you always get free shipping within Norway.

And it is not only boat owners who can benefit from such a tarpaulin. Alf says that he recently drove from farm to farm, and talked to farmers about the disadvantages of their current tarpaulin, and what they want and expect from a tarpaulin in relation to their use. The tarpaulin is also great for covering furniture, and some have used it as a rain shelter for dog kennels and also for motorhomes.

- It is a product that will last for many, many years. Everyone can sell something once, but it is number two and three that prove something. We have received a very good reception, and look forward to the future. Now we want to enter the wholesale market and make them understand that it is a good product, Alf smiles.

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